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The Examination of Training and Practice Experiences of

Early Childhood School Psychologists

You are being invited to participate in a research study to explore training and current practice of school psychologists who work with the early childhood population (children age 0-5).  This study is being conducted by is Sarah E. Scott, M.Ed.  The faculty member who is supervising the research is Chris MacDonald, Ph.D., from the Communication Disorders and Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology Department at Indiana State University.  This study is being conducted as part of a dissertation.


You were selected as a possible participant in this study because you are currently a member of your school psychology state association.


There are no known risks if you decide to participate in this research study. There are no costs to you for participating in the study. The information you provide will be used to gain a better understanding of school psychologist’s prior training and current practice with children ages 0-5 as well as attempt to identify what domains within training and practice influence self-perceived competence. The questionnaire will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. The information collected may not benefit you directly, but the information learned in this study should provide more general benefits.

This survey is anonymous. Do not write your name or any other identifying information on the survey. Anonymity will be provided through not collecting identifying information such as names or emails.  Absolute anonymity cannot be guaranteed over the Internet.  No one will be able to identify you or your answers, and no one will know whether or not you participated in the study. Individuals the Institutional Review Board may inspect these records. Should the data be published, no individual information will be disclosed.


Your participation in this study is voluntary. By clicking the “I Agree” box below, you are voluntarily agreeing to participate. You are free to decline to answer any particular question you do not wish to answer for any reason.  If you wish to withdraw from the study while completing the survey, close the browser at any time.  Surveys with incomplete information will not be included in further analyses.

If you have any questions about the study, please contact:


Ms. Sarah E. Scott, M.Ed.                                           Dr. Christine MacDonald

Principal Investigator                                                   Professor

Department of Communication Disorders and    Department of Communication Disorders and

Counseling, School, & Educational Psychology   Counseling, School, & Educational Psychology

226 University Hall                                                       304B University Hall

Indiana State University                                             Indiana State University

Terre Haute, IN 47809                                                Terre Haute, IN 47809

775-815-2390                                                                812-237-7787                    


If you have any questions about your rights as a research subject or if you feel you’ve been placed at risk, you may contact the Indiana State University Institutional Review Board (IRB) by mail at Indiana State University, Office of Sponsored Programs, Terre Haute, IN, 47809, by phone at (812) 237-8217, or by e-mail at  This study (IRB Number: 939721-1) was approved by the IRB on September 10th, 2016.